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Founded in 2001, Skywark Engineering has provided structural plans and consulting services on over 10,000 projects located throughout the southeastern United States. Our engineers provide high quality service to architects, contractors, building owners, and many more.


We are committed to producing creative, buildable, and economic designs. We believe a high level of consideration should be devoted to every project, and we maintain an appreciation for the roles of all those involved in the design and building process. Skywark Engineering continues to exceed expectations while bringing our client's ideas to life.

About Us


Our History

W. Thomas Skywark, P.E.

Our founder, Tom Skywark, was born in Bethesda, Maryland and while growing up lived in Madrid, Spain; State College, Pennsylvania; and Richmond, Virginia. He settled in the Atlanta area in 1968 and decided to pursue an engineering degree at Southern Polytechnic State University.


He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia with a degree in Civil Engineering Technology.


Tom's first engineering experience was in the offices of Atlanta Building Systems, a framing component manufacturer, under his first mentor Jeff Coulston, P.E.  He started tracing architectural drawings with pencil on vellum used for the layout, design, and erection of wall panels, floor, and roof trusses.


Tom continued in this industry working for several other outfits eventually ending at Structural Wood Systems.  It was while working there that he met Mike Quinn, P.E., a principal of his own consulting engineering company.


Mike gave Tom the biggest opportunity of his life.  He offered him a job as a project engineer. Tom jumped at the chance to finally work in a true engineering design office. It was during his time working with Mike that Tom became a Professional Engineer.  He stayed on with Mike for a few years after getting his PE license and finally decided to open his own firm.


Tom Skywark, P.C. started business the first of October 2001 and continues today as Skywark Engineering, P.C.


Tom is retired and currently resides in Saint Simons Island, Georgia and Boone, North Carolina.

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